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Alison Caltrider began her life in Burtonsville, Maryland, north of the DC area. At an early age, she displayed affection for nature and an aptitude for the arts. Her mother, a talented singer, emphasized the importance of creative expression. Alison soon excelled in piano, voice, and drawing. Utilizing her ability in fine line work, Alison became a civil drafter in the 1980?s and eventually owned her own company. Even though it was a successful business, the need to use her other talents and help others set her on a different path.

After leaving drafting, Alison sang in several bands, wrote and recorded her own music, and modeled and acted in several commercials. Having gifted hands, she expanded her creativity by making mosaics, quilting, crocheting, jewelry, and nature-themed drawings. As her interest in painting grew, she began studying the masters, toured museums and art shows, and began experimenting in watercolor, oil, and acrylic. Self-taught, she proceeded to develop various styles.

Regardless of the style, Alison's main emphasis of her work is in the emotional expression of what she feels when she experiences something that moves her and touches her soul. Transferring the energy and emotion she senses from a subject onto paper or canvas is her ultimate objective so that her work touches something inside the art enthusiast.

"Being a highly empathetic person has been both a curse and a blessing in my life. I attempt to use my intuition as a guide in deciding on both my subject and the nature of the presentation. Hopefully you will feel the emotions I intend to convey in my artwork. Thank you so very much for viewing my work." -Alison Elaine Caltrider

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WallBound Fine Art, Tampa, Florida
Beck Gallery Art and Framing, Lutz, Florida
Willow Arts, Odessa, Florida
Great Art and Frame, Tampa, Florida
The Sketchbook Project 2010, Art House Co-op, NY

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1st Angel Pick of the Day
Red Easel Magazine - April 26, 2008 edition
Beck Gallery - "Me?lange"
Willow Arts Gallery - "Front Porch Fall Festival"
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